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We have opened the new virtual gallery on the 44DEGREES website

We have opened the new virtual gallery on the 44DEGREES website and honored to invite you to the exhibition of Tammy Mike Laufer, an international digital media artist, presenting a collection of works created over the past six years.

Some of the works were presented in three different solo exhibitions by in Manhattan, New York.

The current era seems to leave the art displayed in museums and galleries almost orphaned on the walls. Thus, an online exhibition is more powerful and relevant than ever.

The collection in this exhibition is a selected handful of works from two series created and displayed during 2019 -2014

- "IT'S NOT A GAME" A series of works that seeks to cry out for the importance of preserving the planet, which is not a game ball but the only home that humanity has.

- "A HUG FROM THE SOFT BUNNY" presents soft rabbits alongside demons figures that represent the fear and apprehension of existence.

"Since my mother passed away, a great void has been created. My mother taught me many things, but she did not teach me how to proceed without her," says Laufer, "The pictures are very colorful but the content contains the "demons" that did not leave me. All I wanted was to hug the soft bunnies."

Human life is riddled with roller coasters of ups and downs, successes alongside complex struggles, challenges and surprising developments; All we have left is to accept them as they are and keep galloping in the carriages of time.

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