Interview with Tammy Mike Laufer

Towards the end of this crazy year, we are honored to publish a comprehensive interview with Tammy Mike Laufer. Luckily for us, her hard work did not stop her from answering some questions and diving with us into her inner world.

Tammy Mike Laufer, lives and works in Israel. She is an International, contemporary artist, who Specializes in Digital drawing and video art. Laufer is also the Founder, Producer, Designer, Curator, Art director & CEO at 44DEGREES Online Art Magazine and Gallery. she is one of the first artists who converted the traditional artistic practice in painting and design, to work with a mouse and a digital pen.

"… Her work shows traces of Salvador Dali’s depiction of dreams, Frida Kahlo’s palette, Andy Warhol’s silk prints, and Judi Chicago’s early feminist work."

Tell us a bit about yourself. Do you recall the way art found her way into your life?

I have always loved to paint, I painted from a very young age, and became interested in architecture at age 6. I was already drawing plans for houses... In high school I studied architecture and continued to paint. At the age of 14 I was sleeping with art books (brought to me by my parents from abroad) under my pillow...

After my military service I studied graphic design and art, I am an art director and digital artist. For the last decade I have been an active artist and exhibit worldwide, I also create video art and prints of digital media paintings. I live art, breath art and for that I'm forever grateful for the internet being such a meaningful tool for the art world and it's collaborations, especially in this COVID- 19 time.

The path of creation is individual and selective, can you share some of your individual process?

For me, the beginning of every creation is like entering a fantasy dream, starting your new only virtual world where “Everything is possible”. and in the majority of my works I am trying to combine visual realities, with subconscious emotions and philosophical thoughts. I create my virtual world, with 3D software and 2D paint software, using combinations of renderings, lightings, textures and shapes.

My works and video art are like mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. there is always something for the observer to discover. My art is a surreal reality, it takes you on a journey to places just as real and tangible as those you might find in the known reality.

Computers don’t make art, people do, computers are creative tools much sophisticated ones. It’s a fresh creative tool of a new generation.

Where do you find your inner sources of inspiration?

I look at life, personal experience from my journey, what life brings to me and all that is happening in the outside world, collective and individual experiences. All together is brought in my art like a story- I am a visual storyteller. My video art works are like old- fashioned films made with a magic lantern. Another powerful inspiration tool I often use is music, music evokes aliveness, waking up a full pallet of thoughts and creativity in me.

“My digital drawing and video art are similar to mental puzzles, where you can travel from one point to another by analyzing a picture’s symbolic objects. There is always something for the observer to discover.”

By drawing her inspiration from different artists, Laufer creates her own digital art language through which she emphasizes the isolated human condition in the technological age.

In the past you have mentioned that you "see the purpose of feminism in art" Is it one of your professional goals? Do you have a gender relation message to our modern society?

I'm happy about that question…

At no point in my studies did anyone expose women artists, they were all men. Only later I've learned about the amazing painter Frida Kahlo, Women were almost excluded from the artistic discourse. One of the significant things I find in art is the ability to advance the status of women and bring the female experience to the forefront of the stage. Another feminist layer is found in my works where I touch on the essence of the female body, pain and womb.

Was there a turning point that influenced your work in a drastic way?