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"There are no sweet wars" - from the online art magazine 44DEGREES 2019

"There are no sweet wars" - from the online art magazine 44DEGREES. The magazine chose to engage in this topic, as those who want world peace, as those who pray that no new arms race be started. Is there hope? Congratulations to the participating artists! We continue collaborating with the Israel Art and Gender Research Association in Israel. The magazine presents in each issue the artists who were awarded the artists of the month from the association, led by Dr. Tal Dekel In the magazine, a wonderful collection of contemporary art from various fields, painting, sculpture, mixed media, digital media (photography, computer painting). The magazine is interactive, and viewed with the help of the mouse and arrows. Founded to promote Israeli artists around the world. Did you like a particular piece? You can contact the artist directly through his / her email address. The magazine is available at the Israel Museum's Information Archive in Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv Museum Library and is widely publicized on international forums and blogs, and has viewed thousands of views. The magazine is a philanthropic venture, of the digital media artist and designer, Tammy Mike Laufer and founded in early 2013. Enter the link to view the new issue # ContemporaryArt #ArtMagazine #Artists #Israel #Drawing #MediaMixed #MediaDigital #Sculpture #Photography #Galleries #Museum #Interactive #war

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