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Touching Life by 44 DEGREES ART MAGAZINE - 2018

The first issue of 2018, of the online art magazine 44DEGREES. Devoted to a very broad subject - touching life. Greetings to the participating artists!

In the magazine, an impressive collection of fascinating contemporary art from various fields, classical painting, sculpture, digital media (photography, computerized painting). Founded to promote Israeli artists / curators around the world.

The artists participate free of charge. The magazine is interactive, and viewed with the help of mouse and arrows

If you like a certain work, You can contact the artist directly through his or her email address. The magazine is ready for viewing on the computer, tablet or cellular, and also available in the Israel Museum's Information Archive in Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv Museum Library, and is widely publicized in international forums and blogs. Promoted by the AICF.

You are welcome to browse and browse the new issue You are

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