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Women Artists is the new issue of the 44DEGREES Online Arts Magazine

Women Artists is the new issue of the 44 DEGREES online arts magazine. The 44 DEGREES presents, an impressive body of work of contemporary art in various fields and dedicated to promoting Israeli artists. The magazine presents works from a variety of techniques to sculpture, glass, painting, photography, printmaking, digital painting, etc. It free to view.

You can make direct contact with the artist by clicking on his e-mail address.

The magazine is also available in the archive information of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Museum Library and gets wide publicity in international forums and blogs, and watch thousands of hits. Promoted by the organization of the America Israel AICF.

The link for the magazine site:

The magazine was founded in early 2013 by the artist Tammy Mike Laufer

For more news press LIKE in the magazine's Facebook page

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