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Dear Artists    

Interested in an online solo exhibition?

  • A solo exhibition in 44DEGREES gallery that includes an artist statement, presentation in one room up to 8 works* and the artist's contact information.

  • Option of two room exhibition.

  • Curator: Tammy Mike Laufer

  • A designed invitation to promote, expose and distribute the opening of the exhibition.

  • The exhibition will be displayed for 3 weeks on 44DEGREES online gallery.

  • The exhibition receives further exposure in the following issue of our magazine and thus to our thousands of viewers around the world.

  • Each work is accompanied by text and the option to enlarge it for viewing in full screen mode.

  • Payment:  $160 for one room or $ 230  for two gallery rooms (16 works on average *).

*At the end of the exhibition, it will be transferred to the gallery's archive, for another month at no cost.
 An artist who wants the exhibit to remain in the archives for another year will make a $ 25 fee at the end of the exhibit​ion.

*The admission procedure is subject to system considerations.

*The amount of works depends on the sizes, and the visual and technical fit.

*The exhibition is suitable for displaying works in two dimensions (as a picture on a wall) as well as video art works.

See previous exhibition (click on the icon)


If you have read everything so far and you want a solo exhibition in 44DEGREES gallery please proceed to the submission of a portfolio according to the instructions.

Submission Guidelines - Please read carefully.

1- Email to

    * Up to 16 images of your art works :So we can choose from them. No frame.

      Title_ Size_ Medium_ year for every image

    * A short Artist's Statement-up to 10 lines, in text file.

      (An artist statement is not a biography, but a section where the artist writes about himself, his art, his vision.)

    * Full name

    * E-mail and website.

2- Only two-dimensional art that hung on the wall and video art.

     Images should be in professional quality, No frame, minimum 1000 pixels in the long side of the image. 72 dpi. 

     Jpg format.    

     * You must declare that art is only yours.

     * The approval to present an exhibition depends on the decision of  44DEGREES TEAM

* Deadline for sending a portfolio to the exhibition 29-1-2021

* An artist who will be accepted to present a solo exhibition in the virtual gallery
   Will sign an agreement with 44DEGREES.

   Have any questions? email us to

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